The Key to a Bee's Heart

The key to any bee’s heart is through its garden, and that’s just what we aim to do this spring. Planting the right seeds around your home promotes the health and prosperity of bees, and can also make for a gorgeous landscape. The bees will return the love by pollinating your beautiful spread, and keep your garden plentiful year after year. There’s more to it than just flowers, however, which is why we’ve laid out the best tips and tricks for bringing your bee garden to that next level.

Planting single-topped flowers is a must. These flowers produce more pollen and make for much easier access for the bees. We suggest choosing flowers like

  • Daisies
  • Black-eyed Susans
  • Poppies (my favorite)
  • Pale purple cone flowers
  • Sedums
  • Zinnias

Choosing especially fragrant flowers like honeysuckle is also an excellent way to attract more bees as they can pick up the alluring smell with their antennae.

Try to pick at least three different kinds of season-specific flowering plants to ensure continuous blooming, as this will provide a constant food source for bees. For example, wild lilac blooms in the spring, foxglove blooms in the summer, and asters tend to bloom towards the fall, so planting these in combination would keep bees and other pollinators well-fed through the pollinating season.

As mentioned before, creating the perfect bee garden can go beyond planting the right food sources. Finding out which type of bees are native to your area can help you build the perfect nesting area for your little pollinators. Most bees enjoy a mix of dried wood material, like piles of sticks or dried blocks which make for easy burrowing.

Finally, like all living things, bees need water, so don’t forget to set out a small open-faced water jug to keep your bees well-hydrated.

Bees are an essential element to our ecosystem. Without bees and other pollinators, the green earth we know today would perish. Creating even the tiniest of bee sanctuaries can make a valuable impact on your local bee population, so get out there and start planting!

Have questions about bee gardens? Message us on Instagram at @greatriverhempco!

*For more information about bee gardens, visit our friends at The Honey Bee Conservancy

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